Besides providing premarital counseling to young couples and helping them learn how to establish roles in their marriages, she works with married clients on a range of issues: infidelity and other forms of betrayal, sexual issues, children, power struggles, and the decision to divorce. When divorce is eminent, Alex understands the challenges associated with separation and helps couples end marriages more gracefully and become effective co-parents.

As the baby boomers age and enjoy better health and longevity, many individuals within relationships are challenged with the need to radically re-identify themselves and their partnerships. There are mature couples that come to Alex believing divorce may be the only option and that they have outgrown the capacity of the relationship to offer satisfaction and necessary growth. Alex helps couples identify the complex forces at work, helps them reconfigure patterns in their lives that may inhibit growth and joy, and oftentimes, helps them find ways to redefine their relationships.

Alex co-creates and manages therapeutic separations which often result in relationship restoration. She occasionally recommends conjoint couples therapy with Dr. Kevin Gilliland and Dr. Charles Darwin.

Alex works with individual adults on a range of issues including grief, major life transitions, depression and anxiety, relationship decisions, managing illness, and family of origin issues. Many of her clients are engaged in family businesses and need help managing the specific dynamics inherent in those relationships.

A great deal of satisfaction comes from her work with individuals at mid-life who may feel paralyzed, may be in a state of emotional turmoil, or feel chronic distress or restlessness. Many feel as though they are stuck in patterns that no longer offer joy and that they are limited in their range of movement, having few options available to them. Alex enjoys the process of helping people identify and let go of these outdated structures and the excitement of working with people as they recreate their lives in ways that support maximum Self expression.

Though no longer a direct treatment provider for someone suffering from addiction, Alex continues to do what is considered “recovery management.” She counsels parents of a child who is in treatment or a spouse whose husband or wife is in treatment. Treatment centers may contract with her to provide extended care for individuals coming out of treatment programs. And companies also ask her to work with their executives or employees who are in recovery. She may also be instrumental in the planning and execution of a family intervention for someone in need of primary treatment.

Alex enjoys many positive relationships with addiction professionals around the country and is knowledgeable about treatment options and quality of care issues.